Wow – has it been half a year of the Penn Jillette Radio Show already?

Except that this is a repeat of the Mario on the set of Bulls.hit episode – Oh no!

They’ve just cut in and are in a studio in Vegas as the Slammer has no phones again.

They were talking about the drive over and the sound just cut out!

A couple of scary minutes of silence and then some rock music filler…

Oh no!

Cut to radio promos…
Maybe we’ll get the early stuff on the podcast.

Back to the show (Yay!) talking about Superman in his college days…
Truth, tolerance and justice.
“Penn you’re wrong about Superman.”
Superman used to jump, now flies.

Superman would use a car in Vegas.

Penn gets confused.

Caller Paul: Superman is half Canadian.
Paul gets interfered with and has to go.

Penn liked the film but would rather it was more like Capote

Caller Dan (space monkey): Lois and Clark – oh dear, Dan gone.

Penn being a jerk to Dean Cain. “Don’t call me Skippy!”

Penn’s special memento…


Superman Returns is like the Passion of the Christ

Gmail: Penn – “I can fly!”
Penn was thrown off Murphy Brown
Penn forgets Teri Hatcher’s name but recalls talking about kinky sex with her…

Caller Brent: “Oh no – what’s that?”

Gmail: Superman began flying on radio.

Penn flies away.

Caller Josh: “I’m not 100% sure about this…”
Ubermensch discussed, Josh has phone trouble but Penn says “Take it bitch!”
Superman and KKK mentioned (read more here)

Caller Mike: Superman was human when he had sex with Lois Lane in Superman 2.

Penn and Skippy Goudeau will always play tapes over callers from now on.


Fast theme brings us back…

Did Penn cry during Superman Returns? (what do you think?)

Caller Mike: Superman, originally bald bad guy – character changed a bit like the Terminator

What super power would you want?
Goudeau: Chow Man
Penn: Control over time (Nicholson Baker or Groundhog Day NOT Adam Sandler)
or super smart

Caller Shane: The Diplomat
Caller Jack: Bully Man

Gmail: “Matter-Eater Lad” is the eating super hero.
NOW Penn remembers!

Caller Dorothy: Shopper Girl (Goudeau: Identity Theft Girl)
Caller Jeremy: Suicide Man (Ultimate Altruism Man)
Gmail Robert: Measure man
Caller Jason: Shape Changer

Then the show suddenly ends…

Pity as it was such a good one!

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