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– Gas prices. Penn has a nutty libertarian point of view (as usual).

– Phone call from Charles.

– Phone call from Tony. ‘Drop the gas tax’

– Phone call from Shawn. ‘Work more hours but less days in order to save gas.’

Penn Jillette says something good about France.

– Nuclear power.

– Call from Liam.


– Penn’s tongue touched his microphone’s pop filter.

– Call from Jose. recently spent a week in Venezuela where gas is 32 cents per gallon.

– Michael Goudeau was a gun-runner for the circus in Mexico.

– Call from Dave about ethanol in Brazil.


– Ethanol is cheap in Brazil because it is a waste product of refining sugar cane.

– Corn.

– Religion.

Rabbi Gellman Asks “Why Are Atheists Angry?”

– Penn’s response to the rabbi is about 15min. You will have to listen to the podcast.

– Phone call. Jamie, a catholic with atheist friends.

– Call. Chris asks why Penn is moral and good if he doesn’t believe in god.

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