– The flu pandemic is on its way! How do we distribute the vaccine: children and old people first, or let the free market decide? Then you’ll end up with just Grandmas and babies.

– How about the life-cycle principle, by Zeke and Al? 20-year olds are more valuable that 1-year olds.

– If you know any flu-workers, treat them really well, because you’re going to need a favor from them pretty soon…

– Phone call from Danny: Echo echo echo… He believes it’s all about marketing to young kids. Kind of like how Vitamin C and Zinc don’t really do much when you have a cold.

– Phone call from K: Echo echo echo.

– Phone cal from George: Can you hear me now? … No…

– Phone call from John: Don’t worry about the bird flu, it’s all been really overblown.

– Gmail from someone asking if they could send their bird flu-treated blood in for the prize of tickets and donuts.

– Betty on the phone: no, not going to happen…

Morgellons Disease is nasty

– Lots of parents don’t want their kids to be immunized, because they don’t want them turning into living petri dishes.

– Some people believe that immunizations cause autism.

– Gmail from a microbiologist: Grandmas and babies need the vaccine because of their lowered immunie systems.

– Keep the government out of distributing the vaccine: if they screw it up, it’s major, whereas having smaller charity organizations means that a catastrophic failure will be much smaller.

– John Stossel and his blatant rip-off of Bulls Hit. Are teachers underpaid? Not according to John and Penn.

– Penn Jillette is insane!

– John on the phone (we can hear him, but he can’t hear us): There have been no inter-species cases yet. CDC is much less scary than they originally thought. “Can you hear me John? Can you hear me at all?”


Wow, that was so very annoying with all the dropped and shitty calls. I really think they need to move the phone stuff to LV, so at least Penn can strangle the guy when things go wrong.

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