It’s Monkey Tuesday with special guest host Mac King.

Mac King does an afternoon show in Vegas. He is competing with Larry G Jones Man of 1002 Voices.

Davinci Code first then Monkey Tuesday!

no monkey music wtf! Penn yells at Patrick…

Mac King has a good story but it has no monkey.. it will have to wait for another day.

Da Vinci Code Talk:
It’s just maggoty with atheists..

Penn like that the movie makes people want to study the real bible, but the movie is lousy.

Call from Jay “I was going to see a religious movie directed by Opie, starring Kip from Bosom Buddies..”

Call from Steve who wrote a paper proposing that Jesus was a zombie (zombachrist).. “Oh my god it’s Mac King!”

Jerry Camaro story about loyalty.

Call from Jay, a different Jay.


Penn – “Oh my god it’s [url]Mac King[/url]!” Mac knows a lot about monkeys and he also read the Da Vinci Code.

Call from Kareen. She is bothered about the lack of security in the Luve. And doesn’t Paris have a CSI?

That’s enough on the Da Vinci Code.. It’s time for Monkey Tuesday!!

Call from Stan who smuggled bananas into the safari. The monkeys jumped on his car and one sat on the retractable radio antenna….

Penn doesn’t believe the story.

Mike Jones plays at the Greenmill in Chicago on Thursday. If enough people request the Monkey Tuesday music he will play it.

Call from Gabe about the Mad Caddies, they do a monkey song.

Monkey story from caller Joe. Penn wants to hear the story from the monkeys POV.


Penn reads a monkey story, no monkeys were hurt in the story.

Call from Matt who worked at six flags between 1996-2001. Apparently monkeys don’t like altoids.

Call from Joe. Monkeys destroyed his car so he got revenge.

Dean calls in.. The monkeys are gated off at six flags now.. something really bad must have happened.

Penn wants to find out what happened. Maybe we will on the next Monkey Tuesday!

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