With guest-host Mac King: Public death

tapes and vomiting on stage

Goudeau is in Florida to watch shuttle launch. Mac King in his place. Happy Jack is handling the g-mails.

Penn can’t compare his show to Mac King because he’s never seen the P&T; show.

Mac King can call himself a failure.

Steve Irwin’s death is the only story people care about. Penn compares it with Roy getting his head bit off by a tiger.

Irwin quote. He wanted his death filmed. Penn introduces topic: If your death was filmed, would you want it aired?

How are you going to die?

Penn’s nine-fingered uncle.

Mac vomits on Donny & Marie show.

Caller Mike: Irwin’s ironic death. Showing tape to public is inappropriate. Irwin isn’t an important enough celebrity.

Penn: When he’s full of grief, sounds a lot like laughing.

Caller Dan: Has anybody seen footage? Penn says Irwin’s manager saw it.

Penn: If you’re going to be eaten by a bear, take lens cap off.

Dan waxes orgasmic over Monkey Tuesday theme. Monkeytime Forever!

Caller Tammy: Morbidly curious.

Caller Joe: Celebrities are temperamental and require a bigger death.


Google “Neil” and top hit is Neil Gaiman. He and Penn met in LA and are writing movie together. Article “Terrorism and my toothpaste”. Personal lubricants are allowed on plane.

Caller Paul: Wants everybody but his mom to see his death tape. Penn said your only job in life is to out-live your mom.

Penn wants to die in incredible pain to prove he won’t cry out to God.

“Electroboy” skit on SNL. P&T;’s worst TV appearance. Mercifully cut from reruns.

Caller Anna: Nurse. Wants to see a death-by-animal.

Caller Brent: Irwin’s death like a NASCAR crash. He wants to see Irwin’s death tape sooo badly. Penn thinks Irwin would be thrilled.

Caller Renee French: In Australia. Only one of Penn’s friends who was big fan of Irwin. Pro tape.

Penn: Buy her book: The Ticking.


Caller Dan: Wants to see death as part of tribute on Animal Planet.

Caller Paul: Stingray Wednesday. Irwin was in his ghoul-pool.

Caller Eli: The video is a moral imperative. Reads his ghoul-pool list.

Penn: Betting on people dying is good clean fun! Wants to do a whole show on the subject.

Caller Peter: Pro-wrestler who died on pay-per-view.

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