Magic monkey, gorilla spit,

and “humkey” … Oh, my.

Today’s guest: Mac King.

Goudeau saw the launch, but is still in Florida – Penn assumes.

Happy (belated) birthday to Kelly the Orangutan in Houston.

Mac’s “magic in a minute” phone, available at ‘Toysaurus’, or your local crack dealer.

People are vengeance-killing stingrays.

Caller Ralph: Benz and Plymouth attacked by monkeys.

TSA website rules on “monkey helpers”. Don’t touch the monkey!

Caller Brad: Friend with evil monkey. Cat revenge.


Caller Magic Al: Magic show at a bar mitzvah. Rollerskating, magic-performing chimp steals show. Penn despairs.

Mac has never heard of the Vietnamese table.

Illegal to own chimpanzee.


Penn & Mac = the Simon & Garfunkel of monkeys.

See Mac in Vegas in the afternoon, P&T; or naked breasts in the evening.

Caller Angela (she loves everything): Long Island game farm. Gorilla spit on her mom’s hair.

Mac’s paint fetish … or not.

Caller Lisa (she loves a lot of things): Loves Penn so much, she’d build him a bovine shrine. Patrick is gobsmaked. Psychotic-looking “humkey” on Discovery Channel. “It was SCARY!”

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