Guests hosts: The Passing Zone.

Lots of people like to have Monkey Tuesday theme on their cellphones.

Penn breaks in Patrick-sub, Casey.

Goudeau saw shuttle launch and swordfish jumping.

John and Owen, the Passing Zone, big-big-BIG losers on America’s Got Talent. Only juggling and/or comedy act to make it to the end.

The Passing Zone does corporate shows. Chainsaws and teamwork.

Hasselhoff hates jugglers.

Penn asks anybody who watched America’s Got Talent to call in.

Caller Rob: Voted for Passing Zone.

(dump button!!)

Penn: Your vote does not matter.

Caller Ali: Won’t vote if Penn doesn’t want her to.

The phones have lit up!

Caller Tom: Really enjoyed the show, especially the jugglers. Judges should shut up!

Caller Steven: Comdex guy. Long-time Passing Zone fan. Explains why they are so great. Cutting them down to two minutes doesn’t do their act justice.

Caller Bill: Passing Zone most-entertaining on that stupid show. Penn: Damming with faint praise.

Port St. Lucie – 77-year-old man looking up women’s skirts for 13 years. Arrested at Walmart.

Penn’s serious question: If you’re legally allowed to look, why is photographing or filming it wrong?


The (second best) Passing Zone lost America’s Got Talent to an 11-year-old freak.

Hidden cameras in bathrooms seem different to Penn than women wearing skirts in public.

Caller Will (almost kills Penn): Pee-Wee Herman teaching kids to look up skirts. Nike shoes with picture of Pee Wee sitting in a theater.

Caller Jennifer: Guy in Florida took “Take a picture. It’ll last longer” too far. However, if a guy takes the effort to get to it, he’s welcome to it.

Penn: Genetic imperative to look up skirts.

Caller Dean: Photographer’s rights. Works in a cell phone store and gets returned phones with interesting photos. Takes up-skirt photos of his own girlfriend.

Penn: Most up-skirt photos on the web are consentual.

Steven Banks (Billy the Mime) used to collect thrown away photos. Do a web search for “DCP0001” etc, you can find a thousand pictures.


G-mail EZ Jillette: Scandal in 1991 is mainstream today. “Going Postal” at the mall.

Penn: Having people look up your skirt in public is part of the “skirt game.”

Caller Chuck: “Beaver hunter” gets a lucky break. Penn expects call to be dumped (it wasn’t).

Caller Asof: A 77-year-old man doing this is “disgusting”. If a woman wears a skirt, she should know this kind of thing will happen.

Penn: Cut-off age for sexual thoughts?

John’s kids learning to juggle, but not Owen’s. John’s son a little embarrassed that they lost on America’s Got Talent, but more bummed about not winning the money.

Penn: Juggling the kids.

Juggling your age.

The Passing Zone’s history.

Penn is so happy to be discussing juggling!

Tomorrow: LOD guest hosts.

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