Sex, politics, and accents

Guest host: Lawrence O’Donnell Jr.

Penn: Advanced chess master politics today!

LOD’s Boston accent (sans obscenity).

Penn making changes to P&T; dialog.

Penn’s Boston workout experience.

Penn reads Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “black blood” quote and apology. The Times got tape of meeting from opponent.

LOD: Stupidest meeting he’s ever heard.

Susan Kennedy (ultra-liberal, lesbian Democrat) present during meeting.

LOD knew a hundred senators. Never, ever, ever heard an office-holder talk like this, even during informal chit-chat.


LOD: The president is always the stupidest person in the room.

Caller Chris: Jesse Ventura, governor in Minnesota – best they ever had. LOD asks about Al Franken, who will be running there. Chris likes him, but may not vote for him.

LOD: Very first NBC employee to interview Jesse Ventura. Put him on with the joke-candidates. He next was with Tom Brokaw, after he won.

Penn: Chris is his ideal voter.

LOD: Only guy in mainstream media to support not voting. Voting should not be limited to one work-day.

Nobody believes they got elected by “lesser of two evil” votes.

Caller President Mike: Tony Snow used the phrase “tar baby” in an innocuous way. Dangerous thing to say things that could be taken out of context.

Penn prompts Mike to ask LOD a question.

Mike: Too truthful to be elected.

LOD: Don’t start telling the electorate why you won’t be elected. Every political question – don’t answer it! Just start talking.


Caller Mike: William Donald Schaefer, Maryland, lost election because of comment to the press.

LOD: Senator Strom Thurmond used to get away with that sort of thing. Depends on where you are.

LOD always votes. However, he’s a staunch defender of the right and honor (and laziness) of not voting.

Penn also votes, but does the same thing as not voting, which is voting Libertarian.

LOD has never voted for the winner of the presidency, and has never voted for a Republican.

Caller: What’s the big deal what politicians say?

Penn is okay with them having to be politically correct, but standard of truthfulness is more important.

LOD : None of us can tell if somebody is a good governor, or not. Dumb quotes are easier to focus on.

Penn: It’s an intelligence test. If they screw that up, what else are they screwing up? LOD agrees.

LOD wants them to speak their minds. It’s how we find out what’s in there. Wishes they had no speech-writers at all. He’s never met a good candidate who wasn’t also a good speaker and could write their own speeches. Not a single senator right now who can do this.

Make speech-writing illegal!

Arnold Schwarzenegger not pulling 50%. Very unusual to win in that position.

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