Legalizing pot, LOD makes up his mind!

Guest host: Lawrence O’Donnell Jr.

Youngest guy in the McLaughlin Group.

Kinky Friedman favors trying to legalize pot.

LOD: Executive positions in government have no power. All they can do is try to convince the legislature.

Separation of power. Federal government overruling state.

Penn: Why isn’t pot legal?

Kinky should have suggested he’d handle pot like prostitution – i.e. no enforcement.

Caller Will: Disagrees with stepping stone drug theory. Individual’s choice. Penn agrees.

LOD: Drug addicts he knows are afraid of the legalization of drugs. He would not enforce the anti-drug laws.

The word “addiction” is misused and over-used. Freedom means the right to be stupid.

Caller David: The Nation article about research by tobacco companies to make pot cigarettes. LOD doesn’t put much stock in it.

Caller Jack: Also disagrees with stepping stone theory. Brother is a drug addict. Abused everything he used.

Penn: Models glamorizing scoring drugs in New York in the 80’s.

Jack: If it’s legal, it won’t be cool and kids will use it less.

Penn: When prohibition ended, drinking went up. Murder went down. He’d love to use that argument, but it didn’t happen that way.

LOD: For the first time, he’s trying to make up his mind!


Caller Ben: Legalizing pot a bad idea. Lower penalties better.

LOD: Exactly what he was starting to think before the break. Wants to keep it illegal. Easier to discourage kids if it’s illegal.

Ben is a paralegal. Sees 18 and 19-year-old kids busted that don’t realize it goes on their permanent record.

LOD: The great majority of drivers obey traffic laws. Compares to India.

Penn remembers Indian bus incident.

LOD: Have a whole different set of laws for consumers than dealers. Anti-drug class like defensive driving class.

Ben: Comparisons to legalizing prostitution.

Penn senses that Ben would win any argument with him.

Caller Roger: Police officer in Maryland, works in drug enforcement. More violence on “marijuana corners” where it’s sold. Legalize it and don’t allow importation. It’s not a stepping stone drug.


Penn & LOD are non-drug-using weirdos.

Letter: Why is Penn not a fan of pot smokers?

Penn: So many kids in his high school on drugs. Pot isn’t counter-culture.

Caller Morgan: Addiction is a disease. Legalization not the way to go.

Penn: Circular logic. Disagrees with her on the ‘disease’ argument, but doesn’t want to get into that.

Caller Ebony (sexy phone voice): Prohibition run by morality sect. Legalizing drugs would reduce crime, but do it gradually. Is a social drinker.

Penn: Religious, not morality-driven laws. Social drinkers have higher income – more social contacts.

Monday: Triumphant return of Michael Goudeau!

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