The triumphant return of Michael Goudeau!

(and talking about the Pope)

Shuttle launch was great.

Penn one-upped at his last shuttle launch.

First Muslim woman in space. Space tourist. Penn could be biggest (naked) man in space.

The Pope reading quote about Mohammad and half-assed apology.

Penn agrees with the Pope on mostly everything (except religion).

Why don’t religions pit their gods against each other instead of fighting themselves?

Caller Stewart: All Muslims are not terrorists. Where are the peaceful ones during all this?

Caller Michelle: What’s happening around the world is re-enforcing what the Pope said.

Penn: Attack verbally and logically. Bulls Hit on Mother Theresa (ripped-off Christopher Hitchen’s book). They got a couple of nut letters, but mostly calm, logical debate. If religion demands violent response, what do you do about it?

Revenge against stingrays redux.

Goudeau hung out with magician Rich Purpura on Disney cruise. Hidden Mickeys.

Caller Ahmed: Feels bad that nun was (reportedly) attacked. Muslims believe in Jesus as a prophet. Moderate Muslims not going crazy.

Penn: American Muslims seem to have American point of view.

Terrorists on 9-11 were wealthy and well-educated.

Ahmed: Extreme element has wiped-out moderate element in most Muslim countries.


Happy Jack tells Penn not to tell people he’s hanging up on them.

Letter: Radicals insult their own gods by playing god. Sinead O’Connor was boycotted for insulting Pope.

Penn: The amount of religious violence in our country very small.

Caller George: Greek Orthodox – usually doesn’t agree with Pope. Byzantine emperor that the Pope quoted was debated in his own time, not attacked.

Caller Tim: Violent-phase in religion? Islam is younger than Christianity. Maybe going through religious adolescence.

Caller Mark: Not so much the religion as the contemporary leaders they follow. Sister offended by adolescent-religion theory.

Penn: Sometimes passion is labeled political correctness.


Greatest day for children of all time. FDA has said that no one can eat spinach!

Letter from Hal: Americans don’t read the Koran. It calls for fighting against all non-believers.

Caller Edmond: Islamic society isn’t quicker than American to react with violence. America was too quick to attack Irac. Terrorism is reprisal for centuries of western, corporate oppression.

Penn: It may be time to call Banefshah.

Caller Mike: Everybody can argue that what they do is reprisal for past wrongs. High time we hold Islams accountable for their actions. Penn: World police not a viable solution.

Penn: Muslims attacking other Muslims.

Caller another Mike: The more America gets involved in this stuff, it gets in more trouble. Total isolation. Look out for number one.

Penn: Move Israel to the U.S. Let anybody who believes in non-violence and the marketplace of ideas live here.

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