Pledge of Allegiance: Who Gives A Good


Story: Freeport, TX. Chris Baker, newsradio talk show host, calling for firing of Velasco Elementary school principal Williams. Six or seven parents said pledge of allegiance to Mexican flag during school celebration of Mexican Independence day.

Penn’s “nut point of view” question: Should we have a pledge of allegiance at all?

We show more love learning the intellectual principles that our country is based on than memorizing a pledge.

Pledge was written by a Christian socialist. Felt this was a way to achieve a socialist society. Published in Youth’s Companion magazine.

Goudeau: If people tried to take it out of schools, there’d be a huge protest.

Caller Freddie (giggling like Goudeau): Doesn’t see what’s wrong with having a pledge of allegiance. What one learns as a kid doesn’t matter. We make our own decisions as adults.

Penn: “Who gives a good goddamn?”

Caller Jose: Likes the meaning of the pledge. People being there for people. Sense of unity and equality. Also wonders why Muslims don’t “laugh off” insults.

Caller Brandon: The principal was just trying to expose his students to other cultures. Pledge is about what you believe in and stand for.

Penn: Atheists defending “under god”.


Brian Koppelman invited Penn to bit Ocean’s 13 shindig. Goudeau’s invitation lost in the mail. Penn explains “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

Caller Shane (brilliantsexgod): Pledge is just words to kids at that age. Subliminal messages don’t work.

Caller Chuck: Let’s not say Mexico’s pledge and they not say ours. Penn happy.

Caller Scooter (in Texas): Explains the “much, much funnier” background of the story. Sang Yellow Rose of Texas after pledge in elementary school. Song has racial references. Penn doubtful, Goudeau Googling.

Caller Joe: The principal’s choice was bad timing, considering immigration issues in Texas.

Penn: “Buffalo, buffalo, buffalo …”

Goudeau: “Badger, badger, badger …”


Friday: Dennis Miller. May or may not take calls.

Penn and Goudeau dig into meaning of Yellow Rose of Texas. Caller was right.

Caller Robert: Daughter was in Christian daycare for six months. They said Christian pledge to a flag with a cross on it. Daughter laughs about it now.

Penn: Private schools can do what they want.

Caller Filbert: Pledge is a necessity. Kids don’t understand, but on a subconscious level it instills morals. The majority of the country is Christian, so the reference to god should stay in. He’s okay with anything the government says.

Penn: Nothing about individual morality in the pledge. Discusses original wording. Individual ideas and culture.

Goudeau thinks kids should recite Bill of Rights instead.

Penn loves the beauty of the original idea where nobody is above the law and you protect the nuts. His allegiance to that is strong. Doesn’t need a pledge.

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