Friday’s show starts with Mike Jones’s theme.

Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau are here with…

Special Guest: DennisMiller

SNL – the bad year…
Jon Lovitz and Weekend Update
Dennis did six years at SNL.

Dennis Miller is a Libertarian!!
Humiliation is okay with Penn.
Waterboarding discussed.
Meeting the troops.

Vietnam kids, radical islam and the Pope
People on the left get cranky.
Penn at the Kerry booth.
“Here’s the real deal…”

Poking fun at Bush… immigration & gay marriage.
Admiring Bush and being scared of Cheney
Chavez and Ahmadinejad.

Religions discussed – Batman in Egypt
Hilary and Bill
Something to tell the grandkids.

Goudeau speaks! Oh it’s the


Dennis missed Penn’s voice – don’t smoke!
Selling waterless cookware at fairs.

Dennis starting in Pittsburgh.
SNL audition.
The kid who makes it…

Lorne Michaels, Wall Street and being fired by CNBC

Himalayas with Hanks and the Tiger’s Lair (Takstang) – Vampire kid!

Safari on the Serengeti

Missing places on the road…
Penn in a round room.


Pictures: Tiger’s Lair and vomiting on a monkey!
One monkey trick…

Dennis and Dana in Vegas
Johnny Carson
Monday Night Football – Niche career

Faking it at the MTV Music Awards
Pausing for translation and drugs & telethons.
Jerry talks to the drug dealers
Jerry, Frank and the Mob!

Dennis doesn’t want Penn to plug his shows – he was just glad to be there, talking to Penn…

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