Cynical Monday: Was Clinton Faking It?

Monkey Tuesday not over forever, but tomorrow Penn is going to interview Phyllis Diller (pre-recorded). Penn’s playing poker tomorrow for TV show ‘Pros vs Hotties’ (or something like that). Penn playing for himself – not charity.

Video of Bill Clinton vs Chris Wallace on Fox News. Penn thinks it was all rehearsed. Goudeau not sure.

Difference between Clinton & Bush.

Penn & Goudeau want to be punched by an ex-president.

Boingboing article: “Secure your checked bags, fly with a gun”.

Caller Joe: Doesn’t think Clinton was really angry.

Penn: Being cynical about the cynics.

Caller Jim: Clinton was very angry. Confronting him with the truth.

Penn: The writing for next season of Bullshit has just started.

Caller Jeff: Clinton got angry when accused of causing current mess that Bush has made.


LOD says everything a politician says is planned, no exceptions.

Caller Aaron: Clinton was ready for it. Prepared, but not scripted. Penn: Scripted, and really well acted.

Caller Daniel: Thinks Clinton was actually angry, but happy for a chance to blow up. Penn: Emotions in acting can be very real.

Penn: Fox isn’t that conservative.

Caller Scott: Clinton got sandbagged. We’re arm-chair quarterbacking.

Penn: Clinton would never think it’s okay to flip out.

Caller Steve: Clinton flipped out for a good reason.

Penn: On Clinton’s side for what he did, but getting angry as a tool is misleading.

Penn’s hero Keith Dennis of Dennis Mitsubishi in Ohio. Making fun of Jihad and Fatwa is terrific and perfectly American!


G-mail Aaron: What if Penn was on a show with Uri Gellar? Fox’s methods are obvious. Penn agrees.

G-mail: Clinton’s finger-wag.

G-mail: The clip was fan-TASTIC. Body language.

Caller Paul: It wasn’t planned. Clinton ranting and raving.

Caller Mike: Hilary doesn’t need Bill’s support. Penn disagrees. Mike turns off pay-service to listen to Penn!

Caller Tom: Al Franken needs Penn to save Air America. Clinton & Pope joint statement. Clinton points and squints.

Clinton should have gone after Saddam. Oil for food. Penn a little lost.

Goudeau singing.

Caller Mike (super duper): It was set up, but Clinton went overboard.

Penn’s great aphorisms.

Phyllis Dillar was at Tiny Tim’s wedding. Tomorrow, Penn asks why! Monkey Tuesday will be back a week tomorrow. In the meantime, read about gorilla race in London.

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