Special guest: Phyllis Diller

Penn couldn’t sleep last night, he was so excited.

Phyllis was an inspiration to Penn’s mom.

Old-boys club of stand-up comedy.

Phyllis started as a copy writer in San Fransisco. She wrote funny ads.

First time on stage. Developing her persona.

Power on stage.

Mom influence.

Getting from Ohio to San Francisco. Husband encouraged her to go on stage.

Movie Goodnight, We Love You coming out soon. Won first prizes at three film festivals. Phyllis and P&T; in movie.

P&T; saw her on her last tour. She owned the room.

Phyllis Diller Live From Los Angeles.

Tiny Tim on YouTube. Penn remembers Tiny’s wedding. Phyllis was invited. Most watched Carson show.

She hosted Tonight Show once. It was a mess.

Many comics are musicians. Phyllis started piano at age three. Played with a hundred major symphonies from age 70-80. Sang in two Broadway shows.

Played Vegas in the 1950’s. Every major room. Fought to have Rich Little as opening act once.


Penn remembers going to Phyllis’s house to shoot her footage for The Aristocrats.

Phyllis’s dress designer. Some of her dresses are in the Smithsonian Institute.

Penn talks fashion. Phyllis loves the Penn & Teller grey suits.

Comics that Phyllis loves.

Meeting Elvis. Never met the Beatles. Met George Harrison in Australia.

Bob Hope took Phyllis under his wing.

Writing her own material.

Phyllis paints as a hobby. Penn one of her favorite customers.


Penn’s favorite painting by Phyllis: “And now …”


Book: Like A Lampshade in A Whorehouse. (She didn’t pick the title).

Blog: phyllisdiller.blogspot.com

Phyllis was very close to Liberace.

P&T; meeting Liberace and giving him a rhinestone-covered P&T; t-shirt. Treated Penn’s parents like royalty.

Phyllis is too ‘frugal’ to pay for a museum about herself.

Working with Jack Benny.

Lot of mama’s boys and girls in showbiz.

List of comics Phyllis has worked with.

Dean Martin didn’t need to rehearse. Phyllis didn’t get to see Martin and Lewis work together live. Why they broke up.

Phyllis quit her job to become a comic. Boss offered her a “leave of absence”.

Teller’s one-year leave of absence from his job as a tenured Latin teacher.

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