What’s on Teen’s Chests?

Yesterday’s poker game proved it was a game of skill, not chance (i.e. Penn didn’t do so well).

Washington Post article about kids wearing sexy-text t-shirts.

When Penn was in high school, he could wear any shirt he wanted. He thinks that’s how it should be.

Students having less sex these days, according to poll.

We want to keep our kids two-years-old for the rest of their lives. We will fail.

Caller Brandon: T-shirt inspectors.

Caller Tony: Little brother suspended for t-shirt.

Caller Paul: “Drunk girls dig me” t-shirt.

Yesterday’s poker game for NBC. Winning was not an option. Penn did outlast one big, big pro.

Caller Lisa: Nephew’s “got milf” t-shirt.

Penn lost the call.

License plates with internet abbreviations.

French Connection UK

Caller Billy: Friend with “virgin” t-shirt suspended. Michael Jackson shirt revenge.

Caller Jay: Daughter wears these shirts all the time. Never has a problem in Vegas school.

Devil sticks.

Penn: “It’s a technique!”
Goudeau: “It’s a prop!”

Every December, Penn & Teller give tickets for blood donations.


G-mail Emily Jillette: Their kids have suggestive phrases on their bibs.

G-mail Will: Shirt banned, graphic essay allowed.

Caller John: T-shirts can be a distraction in a learning environment. Penn distracted by anybody with XY chromosomes.

Penn: Women in slutty clothes more multi-faceted.

Penn: Exploring different self-images in adolescence.

G-mail: “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands” justified t-shirt.

Caller Steve: Glowing Manson shirt.

Penn: T-shirts making an intellectual point. You learn a lot from t-shirts.

Goudeau: “It’s a slow-motion political debate.”

Jackass II leaves David Blaine in the dirt. Penn is in awe of them, and would never get near them on a bet!


Penn has gotten in trouble for wearing “No God” shirt. Trying to start a dialogue.

Caller Annie: “Mounds” t-shirt in the early 1970’s. Second comment dump-buttoned!

Penn: Nothing has changed.

G-mail Mae: Army hubby not allowed to wear shirt with USSR symbol. She wears it as a celebration of freedom.

Caller Chad: “Jesus died for his own sins” t-shirt.

Caller Juliet: MySpace ad. “Always time for a quickie”. Penn: Double entendres everywhere.

Caller Rachel: Fairfield Union “FU” t-shirts. Penn wants one.

Caller Ron: Girl with eyes-on-breasts t-shirt.

Caller Nick: Hoodie “security” shirt.

G-mail Emily Jillette: Poker site has results already up, so it’s okay for Penn to admit he lost half a million dollars.

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