Special Guests: Lewis Black and John Bowman

Panties rarely thrown at comedians and magicians (or people with glasses).

Penn’s trained grasshopper at the MGM.

John: Yawning, hat-stealing, Montecore-like dog.

Lewis: The horror of crickets in theater. Penn: No one else notices.

Tom Jones in concert. What a man is supposed to be!

Johnathan Ross terrorized by Tom Jones.

Lewis: Plays MGM three weeks a year. Hard to resist drinking and gambling in Vegas.

Penn’s parking space is ten yards from dressing room. Never sees the casino or strip.

Before building his house, Penn would just sit in his room and read. Won’t watch TV when on the road. Read or sleep only choices when friends aren’t around.

Goudeau: Used to go out with dancers after his show.

Lewis has John, but not the dog.

John: Paul Newman posed with the dog.


Penn pirate radio.

Black: New magician in New York: Eric Walton. Ricky Jay livid over the new guy stealing his language style.

Penn: Everybody steals in magic and comedy. Everybody in show business has a magic act and sells real estate.

Black: It’s all in the delivery system. Penn: It’s all in everything. So much is your style. Ricky has a very strong style. If somebody else is doing something similar in their act, P&T; cut it immediately.

Lewis Black is hard to rip off.

Difference between Penn and Lewis Black.

Black & Bowman at the MGM until Tuesday.

Penn: Vegas used to pay entertainers in chips. Had to keep performing to work off gambling debts.


Penn: Comics often put on opening acts that suck.

Lewis: You’ve got to go on the road with somebody you know, or you’ll lose your mind.

Penn: You pick crew guys based on which strip clubs they want to go to.

Lenny Bruce tribute.

Penn Wants to hear comics doing covers.

Gilbert, Provenza, and Penn did a couple covers at a benefit.

Lewis memorized “Who’s on First?”

Penn: Who’s the brains in comedy teams.

Lewis in new Robin Williams movie: Man of the Year. Big role.

Working with Christopher Walken.

Lewis didn’t know Robin Williams before this.

Never enough naked women in movies.

Jon Stewart is the most loved person in news.

Differences between Jon Stewart and Johnny Carson.

Penn: Please write “Penn says hi” on panties and throw them at Lewis Black!

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