Aristocrats Week continues: Bass/piano theme takes us into the show.
Penn and Goudeau are here with…

Special Guest: David Brenner

Giving invaluable memorabilia to strange women

They talk about the movie.

George Carlin – “Don’t screw it up”
David lives in Vegas now
Thunder from Down under

Louie Anderson: “What has his colon ever done for me?”

“Brenner & Teller”
Filling in for Roy: “Siegfried and Davey”.

Steve Wynn story.

“Meeting” Sinatra.
Franks’s favourite.
Sinatra stories.


Tai Babilonia mentioned.

David Brenner’s father – another juggler.
Brenner and Buster.
Purse story act opener.
Vaudeville reunions.

Goofing off documentaries.
The Tonight Show.
Buddy Hackett and Sonny Bono
Meeting Richard Conte and John Wayne and Jack Benny and George Burns

A gift from Elvis.
(Tai speaks)
Penn and Tai get annoyed.
Other gifts…

David knew John Lennon
(Penn wants to shout at David some more)


Penn says Tai is like Yoko Ono

Penn gave Bob Dylan’s harmonica away

What is Bob Dylan doing in Vegas?
Penn meeting Dylan, Lou Reed and losing it both times.
Lou Reed Fan Club

Brenner’s club – Nick meets Eric Clapton!

Stones – having a wonderful time.
Keith Richards and Brenner’s father are both pool sharks.

Brenner’s father’s wager.

Penn wraps up.

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