Special Guest: Criss Angel

Bass/piano theme starts the show.

Criss is trying to be more efficient shooting this season of his show. Less footage. He does all the writing and editing.

Watching themselves on TV.

Criss and Penn wax complimentary.

This season is very different than last. He’s going to levitate and walk on water.

Penn and Teller are working on a ‘walking on water from a hose’ bit. It’s a bitch!

Working blasphemy into the act. “Touching on the religious significance”.

Free beer!

Siegfried & Roy tribute.

Seance in Vegas with celebrities and models.

Penn: Writing for stupid rock stars and busty models on Sin City Spectacular.

Criss practicing trick motorcycle-jump.

Contaminated dirt.

Criss going to Irac to perform for troops. Penn says bring beautiful women.

Exposing scams on the street. Penn approves.


Full theme brings us back.

Penn: Breakfast with Eric Mead.

Criss: Technology is a wonderful thing, and it really sucks. Selling magic tricks on crissangel.com. Criss needs money.

Twins on Mindfreak.

Challenging David Blaine. Not shirtless (aww).

The history of Criss.

Ideas that sucked.

Bad hair and clothing choices. Penn’s mullet.

Street magic.

Parties and early shows.

Criss is going to do Metamorphosis on Mindfreak.

Penn: If Houdini were alive, he’d have us for breakfast.


Houdini’s spirit is waiting outside to kick Criss’s ass.

Shatner Houdini tribute. Charlotte Pendragon costume malfunction. Audience bondage.

Challenging Blaine (again).

Penn: Every interview he does, he’s asked about Criss. Good sign for career.

Penn used to be afraid that Criss was going to let audience believe he had real powers.

Criss’s new album.

Criss is going to do a live show in Vegas. Penn is happy to have someone to recommend besides Blue Man Group and Lance.

Criss’s real name. Or not.

Dad owned a diner.

Criss plugs his stuff, Penn & Teller, Lance Burton.

Challenge to David Blaine (one more time!)


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