Monday’s show begins with Jonesy’s theme.

Penn is here with Michael Goudeau
They were on a prop charter flight last Friday.
Penn hosted the emmys.
The creative arts emmys – 4.5 hours
Goudeau: A long night.
They lost three times last night.

Does Anybody Watch Award Shows?
Featuring Kathy Griffin’s brother (twice).

Mrs Goudeau loves these things – Penn mocked her
Teller’s take on awards.
Penn and ANV porn awards – best categories.
Gary nominated – Penn “bored spitless”.

Are the Oscar parties excuses for parties.
Al Franken’s house.
Happy Jack’s tape recorder order.

Penn gives us some statistics.
Penn didn’t recognise Christina Ricci.

Caller Johnathan: AVN show with Jackie

Penn raves about Dylan. Johnathan talks about Billy.
Pillow biting.
Irving, Ron and Al.

After the show – “When Penn says thank you…”

Kathy Griffin’s skills
Paris Hilton

Penn lists the competition.
Kathy gesticulates.
Mr and Mrs Goudeau at the awards.


Penn lets us down gently
Starting down the road to loserdom

Caller Brandon: Questions the Richard Dawkins Award (which Penn & Teller won)
Penn congratulates the winners.

Caller John: Kathy Griffin’s brother – (Penn wanders: Steve and Gary back together/Tony Fitzpatrick/pizza)

Caller Bo: Beatles win an academy award.
Let It Be.
Paul and George bickering.
POV of McCartney.
What is Phil Spector doing?

Caller John(again): Annoyed about how Penn treats his sister (Kathy Griffin). John & Penn talk about Kathy. Penn uses his Eagles argument. Penn gets a little excited over ticket sales.

Penn’s mom story – proud.

Penn shows a lack of deep respect.
Goudeau talks about what happened at the show.
Patrick thinks Kathy Griffin is hot


Penn and Michael are here – despite Penn’s mike.

Mentioning Bulls.hit at the awards.
And the winner is . . .

Everybody has hung up.

Caller James: A hell of a day for the Penn Jillette Radio show. Regressions of the Mean
How can we top this show?
Penn: “Oh my God, the humanity!”
Penn tells James about the awards and losing.
Bacon and a Kiss Airlines.

Caller Lisa: Why she likes the Oscars and why didn’t John Stewart fight back. Lisa’s opinion.
Chris Rock & Sean Penn.

Teen awards – Britney & Kevin were awful.
Water Buffalo.
Is Lisa’s brother listening.

Tomorrow you should all go Monkey Crazy!

Penn is a loser…
….but tomorrow is Monkey Tuesday!!

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