Bobby Slayton in the studio, occasionally finishing sentences.

Topics: Road rage, Asian drivers, bringing a beer, rubbing bacon on the walls, Arabs, eating sandwiches on the steps of the Psycho house, Jewish women and gays, Brokeback Mountain, home schooling, his daughter, marriage, what does Goudeau do?

How Bobby hates radio callers, his daughter’s film, simulated sex, why Bobby is so angry, Arizona cult (12 wives, 75 children), cult clothing, women are out of their minds at least two hours a day, “the talk”, whining, his act is boot camp for relationships, what does Goudeau actually do?

When Bobby’s daughter came to his show, his wife sometimes contributes to the act, The Aristocrats, how to tell a joke, “Provenza, they have lockers!”, how much the film made, “That guy’s the best!!”, chainsaws, Dreamgirls,
still touring, loving/hating your job, making vinegar.

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