Very, very, very, very, very good day for Penn. 100 fan e-mails give Penn permission to gloat.

The moon landing quote is now grammatically correct.

What is the big deal about talking dirty to a 16 year old over e-mail?

Mark Foley hoisted by his own petard (spelling?).

Penn (as Foley) and Goudeau (as nameless page) do dramatic reading of the transcripts once they get on the same page.

Bill Clinton vs Mark Foley scandal. Both should have been handled the same way.

16 is the age when people say creepy things to you. This did not happen to Penn or Goudeau. Or maybe it did and they were just oblivious.

Goudeau looked like Davey Jones as a kid.

Web page says homosexual relationships are illegal in Florida.


E-mail says the dramatic reading is the least hot thing they?ve ever heard in their life. The subset of people who would find that hot is very small.

Further web searching shows the Florida homosexuality law is invalid.

JD G-mail: Page not identified by media but how many 16 year old male pages can there be? He must be embarrassed.

Kids are exposed to sex in music all the time.

Caller Shane: Foley was a major opponent of child pornography. Government is just a bunch of people spouting a bunch of things they don?t really mean.

If you take away all laws and all religion, people will still do good things.

Caller Shane: I don?t care what officials do in their personal lives as long as they do their jobs.

Goudeau: This will make it hard for Foley to continue as chairman the center for missing and exploited children preventing . Foley says we track library books better than we do sexual predators. The second part of that quote is probably, ‘isn?t that wonderful’.

Unlike Clinton, Foley resigned the minute it came out. He is the kind of scum we want.

Remember the Penn Jillette show is where people can overstate cases and say nut things.


G-mail Nick: If Foley?s laws protected at least two children then we are still ahead by one.

Caller Tara: Do kids get in trouble for talking to sexual predators on the internet? They should be prosecuted as well.

Caller Aaron: One small touch for a man, one giant touch for mankind.

Caller Chris: Foley folded as soon as the news broke. Is going to rehab a smokescreen to hide something else?

New York Times article say Foley went to rehab, what is next? Go on Oprah, cry, write a book, become a superstar.

Just decided, tomorrow will be a monkey Tuesday.

Penn?s bedroom dungeon on MTV?s Cribs is now a nursery. Electric chair is now at a museum. The dungeon will be back. Caller Andrea claims to naked. Penn hopes she sends in a picture.

Don?t forget your stories tomorrow for the triumphant return of monkey Tuesday.

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