It?s National Newspaper Week.

Who reads newspapers? Penn reads New York Times and Las Vegas Review Journal.

Norm the gossip columnist is ruining the ?What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? slogan.

Reported on P&T;?s blasphemy and sex acts at a private party.

Penn reads many, many blogs every day: Blog lines, newspapers, Reason magazine, Genii Magazine and The Week Magazine.

Goudeau is alergic to newspaper ? Cheap paper makes his nose run.

Caller Rick recommends the Pharyngula blog. Caller Joe also likes Pharyngula.

Colophany ? Allergy to wood sap from pine and spruce used to bind paper.

Eats Shoots and Leaves – A book and a dirty joke.


Goudeau reads New Scientist magazine ? Dumbed down for non scientists.

Norm the gossip columnist looks like a gay pirate?

Caller Kirsten is also allergic to Newspapers. Old books makes her sneeze.

New York Times subway fold.


Caller Mike thinks Geraldo show is like journalistic vomit.

Caller Raj likes Euro news or the BBC.

Goudeau likes the BBC for the accents.

Caller Brent is wearing work clothes with nice crease and plastic smell. First day on the job and he gets most of his news 3 days late from Penn Radio podcasts.

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