Penn is here.
Goudeau is waiting for the shuttle to take off…
Guest host is L.O.D.
Guest hosting the Al Franken Show.

With guest-host Lawrence O’Donnell Jr: What are you smuggling on airplanes?

LOD smuggling story.
Penn wants chemists to phone in about binary liquid explosives.

LOD smuggling story continued (includes classic misdirection).

Caller Paul (Chemist): His roommate laughing at binary liquid bombs. TATP go boom!
Movie fantasy.
Government tactics and McGyver’s thermite

LOD talking about the idiot “terrorists” in the UK.

If Penn gave Paul $1m…
Nitrates and airport security.
Islamic science-hating chemists.
Penn disconnects Paul – “smartest caller”


Penn is here with smuggler Lawrence O’Donnell Junior
LOD really liked Paul.

Caller Harold: At least ties with Paul over best caller ever!!!
Penn finds a flaw in Harold’s plan.
Penn goes through Harold’s plan in detail.
Harold in drag. Breast-milk taster/harvester.
(Harold invented the term “Extincting”)

Shoe bombs don’t work!
Penn’s take on bio-terrorism

Caller Paul: Bosnian bayonet.
LOD on profiling (non-Penn).


Penn plugs Mike Jones.
Penn is here with Lawrence O’Donnell Junior.

Caller Eric: Absinthe, Neil Gaiman and things sold in an airport.
“The History of Chemistry” on Penn’s computer

Caller Dave: Smuggling myself – Names on a plane.

Caller Mike: Mike’s friend in Europe – buying a broadsword… Penn doesn’t believe Mike.
LOD wants to believe.
Profiling (again).
Mike’s suit of armour – Mike for President!!
Penn discusses Mike.

Bacon and a kiss Airlines

LOD and Robert Schimmel tomorrow…

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