Indian e-Tutors

Penn just saw a clip of Stevo that wasn’t allowed in Jackass II.

Penn, Goudeau, and Stevo all graduated from clown college.

Reuters article: California mother found cheap online tutor in India. Company called Tutorvista.

$100 a month, unlimited hours.

Penn couldn’t handle the accent.

Goudeau, the juggling forest ranger.

Penn: “Why do we need public schools?”

Penn learned nothing in public school. Hated every minute of it.

Penn does calculus.

School for social reasons. Cruel and artificial.

Caller Brian: Scared to send daughter to public school, but can’t home school her himself. Looking for affordable options.

Penn: No Child Left Behind holding everybody back. Doing everything by committee. Impact of internet on the future of schooling. Everything that everybody does means nothing.

Caller Chris: Tutor in New Jersey. Kids complain they can’t understand their teachers.

Penn: Tutoring is one-on-one, so you’d be able to correct that right away.

Caller Scott: Public schools constantly changing curriculum for government grants. Daughter taught to spell three different ways.

Penn (aka Thomas Jefferson): “Better to be uneducated than be educated by the government.”

Penn’s school used students as guinea pigs for experimental teaching programs.


Mike Jones on the cover of Vegas Weekly magazine.

G-mail: Public education is not expensive. Outsourcing stealing jobs.

Penn: Public schooling is expensive. Penn’s bias.

G-mail: Social interaction learned in school.

Penn’s horrible experience.

Caller Matt: Educational consultant. There’s never been a golden age of education. Social interaction important, but the school set-up is unnatural. Outsourcing doesn’t bother him. Global economy.

Penn: Likes having friends of different ages with different problems.

Penn has friends that feel strongly about buying all-American.

Caller Patrick: Wall St. Journal article about college dropout becoming video game tutor.

Caller Colin: Working on masters in education. Standards for education in New York are higher than ever. Worried about outsourcing to foreigners who might have lower credentials to teach.

Penn: Tutoring is in addition to regular school. Having it full time is Penn’s nut point of view.


G-mail: Board with the tutor!

Caller Frank: Has three kids. Has no problem with public school. How dumb are we that we can’t teach our own children? Against all outsourcing.

Penn: Low-priced tutoring is pro-American. Choice between affordable tutoring and none.

Caller Paul: Went to several schools, then was home schooled. Home schooling was by far the best experience. Self-teaching. People learn how much, or how little, they want. School not good for socializing.

Penn left high school, and sneaked into college classes.

Caller Frank: Teacher. Agrees with Penn. Illiteracy so high, they had to invent a new way to grade tests: “Organic” method. Kindergarten is just about socialization.

Tomorrow: Lewis Black, Lewis Black, Lewis Black, Lewis Black, Lewis Black.

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