Jonesy’s theme brings us back from Labor Day.

Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau get the date wrong but realise that it’s…

Monkey Tuesday: Big Butts, Pirate Lemurs, Katie Couric’s Thumbs and Monkeys in a Van!

Caller Carmen: Ken – Monkey Tuesday bitten finger reunion.
Paris Hilton kinkajou bite.
Pirate lemur story.
Goudeau: All animals can swim.

Wedding cake vs honeymoon video.

Caller Joe: Monkey joke.

Caller: ABC primetime – Monkey attack!
Having your face bitten off by a monkey.
ABC never say “Monkey Tuesday”

Monkey Tuesday wasn’t invented. (it evolved?)
Penn is the Silverback Swingin’ Monkey Tuesday King

Pulling off Katie Couric’s thumbs.


Penn’s gorilla noises.

Carmen’s Gorilla story. Lincoln Park Zoo.
Carmen’s ex-wife – Penn never liked her…
neither did Michael
neither did Patrick

Getting early into the ape house and holding your fist up to the glass.
Pimpin’ for the ape.

“I like big butts and I can not lie…”

Meditation after a bad break-up.

How Penn breaks up with women.
Hawaii, spam sushi and dressing alike.

BTW EZ happily dresses like Penn


Goudeau tackles Penn on his break-up technique.
Goudeau mentions dressing like his son and his upcoming Disney cruise.

Happy Jack bangs on the glass!
Goudeau likes Hawaii
Happy Jack bangs on the glass!

Caller Kevin: Names Samuel the Gorilla!
Old spider monkey in a cage.
Bill Murray and the Mexican Ghostbusters.
Spanish words for monkey.

Snakes on a plane.

Caller Joe: Great Adventure (six flags) story – Mirror monkey.

Caller Adam: Great Adventure heart attack van story.

Penn: “WTF!”

Adam tells it slow…

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