Penn Jillette is in L.A.
Michael Goudeau is in L.V. (after setting off Penn’s alarm)

Penn lists the Aristocrats.

Special Guest: Bob Saget in L.A.(with Penn)

Bob is a rat bastard.
Rat bastard is defined.
Bob’s paper cut joke.

Gmail question: What happened to the Trailer?
Samuel L. Jackson and the MF penguins

Duct tape and families listening.
Lesbian Atheist mentioned.
Dating people you hate.
Daughterly advice.

Screwing up relationships.
Falling in love with Paul Provenza.

Christina Applegate and Lewis Black in the movie – Penn is an abusive seal.

“Have you seen my ‘Provenza’?”
When Penn met Bob.
Being hit on by girls your daughter’s age.
Bob’s girlfriend.
Ages and girth discussed.
Opie and Anthony tour.

EZ is there – her age is discussed.

Penguin movie discussed (plus For Hope)
Penguin movie will be ‘R’.
DVD extra will have “extras”.
Puppet sex on Team America.
Dating a pony and a porno version of Babe.
NBC adult game show.


Goudeau is dragged into the FCCing conversation.
Gmail for Bob.
She held my pickle and lettuce.
Bob’s foundation
Hardening of the skin and Piggly Wiggly.
Penn was NOT laughing at Bob’s sister’s death.
Scleroderma discussed.

Sideshows (and Todd Robbins) discussed.
Staples for cash!

Lot’s wife as a metaphor.
Turned to stone (localized).


Gmail: Scleroderma.
Bob talks about Scleroderma, his sisters, For Hope and Bob’s parents.
Doctors playing god and baiting rat bastards.

Being present when someone dies.
Sharon Monsky on a plane.
Relaxin to be withdrawn.

Bob addresses the Gmailler.

Bob likes the theme music.
Bob loves Penn more than any farm animal…

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