Jonesy’s bass/piano Theme (two days running) – here’s Penn and “SecretTour de France Rider”, Goudeau for another show.

37 years since moon landing.
Mike Collins had the creepiest job.
Good Luck Mr Gorsky

Penn remembers yesterday?
Trey has lunch with a zombie.

Do Not Feed The Homeless!

Anti-soup-kitchen legislation

Mayor Oscar Goodman, who has been a vocal advocate of cracking down on the homeless in city parks, dismissed questions about how marshals, who patrol city parks, will identify the homeless in order to enforce the ordinance, the violation of which would be a misdemeanor.

“Certain truths are self-evident,” Goodman said. “You know who’s homeless.”

Goudeau tipping Frosty.
Civil disobedience via Subway
Warhol’s New york Lunch

Caller Giovani: Scary shelters full of crazy ex-army guys. You really need family to help you.

Models styling the homeless.
Goudeau: Gym membership?

Celebrities feeding the homeless once a year.


Sober/Alert Penn Jillette (another dentist appointment tonight though – uh oh!)

Caller Chris: Worked with the homeless. Give them safe shelters, train them (treat the ill) – this would work. They need help, but not the help people think…

Caller Sheila: Also worked in NYC – we need to inform the homeless. Develop a trust relationship and point them to relevant services.
Drop in centers, not handing out sandwiches.

Penn was in favor of feeding but the two people who know about it disagree.

Goudeau: Just Desserts beggar.

Caller Eileen: Beggar story – using your child.
Penn: For some people, food isn’t the answer.

Caller Dustin: Homeless reality tv show.
Bumfights mentioned.
Dustin should call back when he’s thought of a name for his show…


Bass/piano theme (the other one) brings us back in…
Gmail Damon: Charity – objectivist P.O.V.

Caller Dave (or John): Brooklyn shelter work program. Get the homeless out of the parks and help them!

Caller Jack: everyone got dumped! oops!

Gmail Natasha: Homeless scheme – Skeet, watch my car.
Happy Jack had a similar idea.

Gmail: Proud of the fattest homeless people!

Norman Borlaug mentioned – will be coming on the show soon – (yay!)
Goudeau – how many people will die while he’s on the show…

Gmail Mitch: “Hobo-sapiens they are people too” reality show title.

Oscar Goodman would call in but he’s driving – he will not use his phone while driving

Website mentioned and the glam picture of Goudeau.

Make up? Yes.
Airbrushed? No just a really good photographer!

Goudeau’s “rodent look”

Goudeau was on a Barry Manilow video “In search of love”
Barry Manilow is not “Rock”

Norman Borlaug will be here in September!

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