Jonesy’s bass/piano Theme means that “Libertarian Nut Juggler” Penn and “SecretTour de France Star”, Goudeau are here again for another show.
(Goudeau is losing weight the TdF, way – in fact we’re over three-quarters through the whole race…)
Penn has more dental work but with lots of painkillers and with fish in the room.

“Surprise” Special Guest: Trey Parker
(No Matt)

Skipping work and South Park.
Death Threats – Shockingly few.
2,500 crayon-writing losers.
Penn’s chiropractorsboycott story.

“Yes I am a champion of the truth!”

Censorship: Eminem, The Beatles and Howard Stern.
Team America and the liberal backlash.
Les Claypool upset.
Matt and Trey ignored.

South Park “is a live show.”
All done in-house.
Compared with The Simpsons
Why Penn thinks South Park is nice and sweet and good.


Jonesy’s theme takes us back to special guest Trey Parker
Muhammed Cartoons discussed (Where were you?)
Trey was at Disney World on honeymoon – thought it was them. I’m not Spartacus!

Family Guy and flowers from the Simpsons (God’s work).
You can’t show Muhammed.
(but they already had)
Isaac Hayes, Showtime and Trey leaves it to Matt

Isaac “calls them bigots ” – game on dude!
That’s not the Isaac we know…


Penn and Goudeau and Aristocrat Trey Parker are here.

Isaac story continued.
They don’t believe that the press release was his…
Isaac discussed.
Chocolate salty balls mentioned.

Music tastes discussed. Little Elton.
Cartman in college.

Mac King’s South Park Bootleg.
Trey and marriage.

Trey and Matt want to be producers (“they don’t have to do anything!”)

Team America problems – Goudeau on the last day!
What were you thinking?

Wishy washy movies and preachy fools.

“We got a letter from Sean Penn…”

Matt Damon loved it.
Penn – it’s funny that he’s smart.
Alec Baldwin voice rumor confirmed.

Tom Cruise and publicity.

Bob Dylan: “The highest purpose of art is to inspire” and South Park inspires Penn…

show ends

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