The theme takes us into Wednesday’s show. Hurrah!
Penn and Goudeau are here, Penn was on television last night.

Colbert Report
John Stewart mentioned.
A loony sick of jokes about Catholics.
Dawkins and race/geography/religion.

Does Penn attack the Jews enough?

Aristocrats on HBO!
(same package as Bulls hit)

Future guests mentioned.
(if you want to know – listen to the show)

Next week is Aristocrat week

Caller Mike: Making fun of Jews and Catholics. Cultural Jews.

God Delusion mentioned

Lenny Bruce and definition of a Jew.

Tolerance of evolution. Goudeau: “That’s like voting on the sex of a cat!”

100 scientists prove Einstein wrong.

Caller: Make fun of everybody.
Isaac Hayes.

Trey & Matt nominated for an Emmy over the scientology episode.

Is there a ‘nice’ Nazi joke?


Penn paraphrases Gmails.
Penn’s myspace account.
Laura and Zeke.
Pain until you die.
Laura found me first and Vlad found me later.
Myspace/age/astrology rant.
Does anybody believe in astrology?

Goudeau: Breaking news: Andrea Yates verdict. She is so like George Bush.

Caller Joe: Joe believes in astrology. Penn invokes physics. Doctor’s gravity – inverse square law.
Full moon crazies!

Caller Dave: Astrological chart for serial killers. James Randi astrologers study Manson vs Borlaug.

Penn wants a definition of the inverse square law and a hack to get rid of astrological signs from MySpace.


We’re back with Penn clicking over Jonesy’s theme.
From Myspace to the inverse-square law.
Penn and cops. Leather sniffer.

Caller Dave: Inverse-square law explained

Another reason why astrologers are wrong.

Caller Toby: Astrology ‘hack’ – put yourself down as a band. Penn would like to be a band.
Penn wents a proper hack.

Gmail: Talent skips a generation? God and Jesus.

Caller Dean: Zodiac recession. If it did work, it doesn’t now.

Caller Jeff: Astrology is not based on gravity – its symbolism. Cosmology. An unseen force. Kabbalah.

Caller Jim (for fun): A scientist talks about the inverse square law (better than Dave). Evolution – letters to the editor and fossil fuels. Good line!!

Caller Andrea: Moon, tides and water – with pregnant women, does this work? Penn no woman is that big!!
Antibiotic fluid.

Penn explains the inverse square law and fades out…

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