MikeJones’s theme brings us into a fake Jim Cramer.

866-570-PENN (7366) NEW NUMBER!
Everything is lit up – no details yet, but calls come via Happy Jack.

The Onion – AV club:

Classic Movies It’s Okay To Hate

Penn doesn’t like Raging Bull and Goodfellas

Space Monkey Leeroy: The Big Lebowski

This 4th of July: Patriotic Monkey Tuesday!

Patrick misses his cue.

Caller Greg: Citizen Kane vs Dawn of the Dead

Penn loves Dead films, Henry (Portrait of a Serial Killer), Superman

Goudeau saw Empire Strikes Back with his clown make-up on.

Penn didn’t get Star Wars

Caller Jesus: Grease

Patrick and pornography.

Caller Jason: Penn & Teller Get Killed, Arthur Penn made the movie Penn and Teller wanted.


When you call the show you’re calling The Slammer!

Gmail Madelyn: Gone With The Wind
Gmail: It’s a Wonderful Life

Caller Rob: Hates Ugly Skinny Guys in Horrible Shoes but loves The Warriors – (Penn threw the knife in the opening credits)

Caller Chris: One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest (and sucked). Blues Brothers.

Caller Anthony: Uglier than ET

Films you’ve seen and loved first time through but can’t watch again.

Gmail George: Ben Affleck fan (not really)

Penn playing poker at the Rio? Probably not…


One of the bass and piano versions slide us into the final third of Friday’s show.

Confusing Sam Elliot with Sam Waterstone

Gmail Natasha: Forrest Gump. (Goudeau thought a stupid guy getting rich was cool)

Caller Will: Loves Repo Man (Penn loves this and Rock n Roll High School too)

Caller Mike: Let’s Get High & Make A Movie.
Kubrick never ends a mov-
Penn was young and enjoyed the film (and liked Malcolm McDowell)
White codpieces.

Caller Jeff: Blair Witch. Nothing scary about it at all. Penn had a crush.

The phones here are even better. (They’ve discovered a screen with caller info)

Caller John: Billy Jack is just confusing…

Penn loves the phones!

Caller Joe: Worst film ever is like an Al Qaeda Training Film

Caller Tom: Titanic .
Penn’s Mom hated it too but it did give her some good quotes.

Patrick lovesKate Winslet.

Patriotic Monkey Tuesday Reminder 4th July

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