Monkey Tuesday: “A Monkey Bit Off My Nipple!”

International Talk Like A Pirate Day – doesn’t play into Penn’s skill-set.

Billy West’s practical joke on Penn.

Caller President Mike: (Trying to do pirate voice. Penn & Goudeau can hear him, but no audio coming through on the show. Penn said he sucked, anyway).

Caller Michael: Six Flags, New Jersey. Woman needing to be sick in back seat rolls down window … *dialtone* (Jack loses the call). Goudeau researches food poisoning. He’s back! Woman starting to be sick out window – and vomits on baby monkey!!

Penn: New kink!

Penn gets Patrick on phone to complain about cluster-freak by Patrick’s replacements while Patrick is on vacation.


“Jesus Christ puking on a monkey!”

Caller Ali (made Happy Jack scream): Beginning of call is dump-buttoned for saying “six words” that got Penn very excited (I believe it was “A monkey bit off my nipple”). Feeding baby spider monkey with a baby bottle. Baby monkey switches from bottle to one of her “large, 44D” breasts. Won’t let go. Husband unhooks her bra (Penn orgasmic). Scared monkey bites down.

Penn: More after the …


New York just informed Penn about hitting dump button on Ali’s call. Penn summarizes call thus far.

The amazing Goudeau found a photo online of an Indian woman breast feeding a monkey (see next post)!

Ali had to go to emergency room with monkey, because monkey still has a chunk of Ali in its mouth. Penn: Greatest moment of his life. Zoo director tries to bill them.

Ali defends monkey like Roy , and still bottle-feeds monkeys at petting zoos.

Penn is soooooo happy. No more calls today. This could be a fine show to end Monkey Tuesday. Finish on a high note.

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