Today’s topic – “Hammer of Truth” story: Abraham Cherrix

Cancer Therapy Turndown Friday!

How to shut Penn up.

Goudeau thinks the boy and his parents are wrong.
Goudeau WWSD?
Superman might intervene in this case…

Layman Penn will answer your question. (Yay! I was mentioned, pity nothing happened)
Your personal life is important.

Monkey Tuesday gmail from Arei: (Patrick on form (eventually)) Israel trip – one last Rocky Horror Picture Show not good enough but Halloween Monkey Tuesday will make me stay.

in a monkey suit.
Dressing Penn’s children up for The View.

Penn and Goudeau disagree on the topic – Government control vs Stupidity…

Caller: If the Japanese can choose how to die – this kid can pick his own treatment…
Penn: Government intervention into sex but not life or death…
Sleeping with caller is a fate worse than death.
Shooting himself in the foot with a pellet gun.

Caller Chris: Well done for drawing some clothes on that last guy!
Penn lays the smack down…


Bass/Piano theme brings us back with the guys.
Goudeau stays up late to ride the TdF (and eat).
What you don’t see on the Tour de France.

Today’s topic is a tough one . . .

Caller Dave: Came from a obgny family but would not force anyone.
Penn: Libertarian heaven question.

Also: FDA experiment – polyheme

Caller Rich: Nobody else’s damn business!
Goudeau’s three year-old.
Giving the government power.
This is breaking Penn’s heart.
Goudeau: “If you’re born to stupid parents…” thought


Penn and Michael are having trouble with today’s topic.

Caller Craig: Thinks the kid should do the therapy – the councillor was doing the right thing to report his parents.
The morality is ripping Penn apart.

Caller Nancy: Protect the Kid – because he’s a minor. This is a form of child abuse. We should watch out for each other.

Caller Andrew: If the parents are abusive – should the government step in?
Penn: “Thanks for calling!” (code for “hang up on him” ignored in this case as Penn was kidding)
Penn has trouble with the government.
Beats the hell out of me. (Andrew hangs up)

Sacrifice gmail.

Caller Vinnie: Survival of the fittest.
Goudeau: The parents think that this is going to help.

Penn: The villans are the people selling the fake cure

That’s Something

Caller Dean: The kid could die in the army at 17 and the government wouldn’t care.
If the kid wants to die… good for him.

Penn is afraid he agrees.

A couple of jugglers sign off…

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