– Big Tuesday, but not Monkey Tuesday!

– Garrett is in the studio, talking about John Lennon’s supposed seance. He had also been to the P&T; show at the Rio last night, had a tour of the Slammer, and enjoyed a few donuts.

– Joining Garrett in the studio is “Junior” Jeff Welch. He watched the seance too.

– In reference to the Kirk Cameron vs. the banana: There were lots of gmailed suggestions as to what else could fir perfectly into Kirk’s hand, ad had the correct curve to it, and fit into his mouth… Oh, and what about pineapples? Or coconuts? And, the bananas that people eat are actually genetically engineered, and don’t grow in the wild (they are sterile, hence no seeds in the bananas we eat).

– After watching the video, it’s not much of a stretch to believe that Kirk Cameron is actually an atheist, seeing how much he ridicules the idea of creationism.

– OK, onward and upward: the Lennon seance. It was done by the same people who did the Lady Di seance.

– Before the seance began, they showed a black screen with the words “For entertainment purposes only”. Sadly, they didn’t even deliver that.

– They tried to gain credibility by having a British narrator.

– In the first part: Some guy was walking around with his arms out, “feeling” John. He visited a bunch of places that John had been (Liverpool, New York).

Joe Power was the “feely” guy.

– “The George Harrison Effect”: Penn was pitching a skeptic show, but the network execs said that people are too stupid, just look at the popularity of John Edward’s show “Crossing Over”. In the movie “Hard Day’s Night”, George speaks with some executives, and they ask him if he watches a particular show. He says yes, if only to mock it. That’s probably what’s happening with Crossing Over.

– “People don’t get their morals from the TV” – Penn

– In the second part: They go to the Himalayas, and speak with a guru who “channeled” John.


– William on the phone: Did John Lennon talk about how Les Moonves is running CBS into the ground?

– Mike on the phone: He’s an atheist, and when talking with his Dad (a pagan) about the seance, debunking this obvious crap isn’t as worthwhile as debunking the van Praaghs and Edwards of the world.

– “A hero can only be as good as his villan” – Penn

– In the second part: A seance at Cafe Lafortuna. During the seance, the audio went dead. Apparently, there had been a malfunction, but there was some EVP (aka static) of someone saying “Peace, the message is peace”.

– Do not hire Sandra Bellinger, the “EVP expert” if she comes into your KFC.

– Boycott Cafe Lafortuna.


– World premiere of the Monkey Tuesday theme by Mike Jones.

– Jim on the phone: His friend worked on the bit in Cafe Lafortuna. Everyone was using wireless mics, and with a more powerful transmitter, could override the signal. So someone had just cut the signal, and insert some whispery crud.

– In Cafe Lafortuna, Joe Power was doing a cold reading, channeling John Lennon. At one point, he asks an older man about his ears. The man replies, “My ears are the only good thing left on me!”

– John Lennon came back from the dead to talk about the sink and the floor in the cafe.

– They then reference to the scitar-playing guru: They recorded the fellow playing the scitar for 5 minutes, supposedly channeling John. They then send the tape to a producer, who remixes it to a track the Beatles might play. And it even had lyrics, thanks to the guru’s writing in Hindi on a parchment.

– Garrett then plays the chords of the song on the radio.

– And then he plays an even better song that he wrote, in the theme of “Imagine”.

Imagine half a dozen filthy hippies
Barefoot in a circle, holding hands
Swindlers, every one of them
Pretending to contact a dead man
Now why would anyone pay money?
To see such a sham on TV

They’re just a bunch of new-age sheisters
Lying to make a buck
But if you’re dumb enough, to buy this type of crap
You must not listen to Penn

– It is interesting that even though John and Yoko’s love is so strong, that he would come back in a pay per view, and not directly to her.

– Don’t forget, it did say it was for entertainment purposes, and John Edward was on the SciFi network.

– “God is a Concept by which / we measure our pain / I’ll say it again / God is a Concept by which / we measure our pain . . . You’ll just have to carry on / The Dream is over” – Penn, quoting John Lennon, “God”

– END –

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